Notes to Clients

February, 2021

It’s time to think about taxes!

Believe it or not, I am now free to contact and engage with my former clients now that my five-year non-compete/non-contact period has concluded. While I’ve kept myself busy with an interesting group of new clients here in the mountains of southern New Mexico, I want to invite former clients as well as new folks to join the current group of clients .... Welcome!

Former clients ...I want to reach out to you to determine if you would like to re-engage with me on your tax preparation. If you are pleased with your current tax return preparer, I encourage you to continue to utilize his or her services. However, if you aren’t fully satisfied or comfortable with your current tax return preparer or are ready to rekindle our professional relationship, this is your opportunity.

  • I am happy to offer a complimentary review of your prior years’ tax returns and address any issues you may have.
  • I am maintaining my referral fees for new clients referred by existing ones

If you're in the Ruidoso/Capitan area, please feel free to contract me for an appointment. For those of you who reside elsewhere, it’s easy to scan and email your tax documents to me via secure transmission (I will provide you with easy instructions). Or, you can mail your documents to me (I will send you an envelope if you wish). It takes less time than making an appointment and going to an office, and I will visit with you by phone after completing your return and sending you a draft for your review and electronic signature to be sure your return is in order.

Please give me a call soon or email to let me know how I can help you! Getting started early with a prior year review is the key.

Best Regards,